A radio announcement on a popular radio show back in October 2018 was enough to set the Greek crowd on fire; rumour had it that Florence and the Machine were to visit Athens. But nothing was officially confirmed. Months passed and plenty of other festivals and concerts were announced, shaping one of the greatest concert years in Athens in recent memory. Who knew though, that that fire was still smouldering. Florence and the Machine are coming to Athens on 19 September 2019, as it was officially announced by Ejekt Festival. She will perform at the open-air Roman Odeon of Herodes Atticus. The historic venue was a personal choice of Florence Welch herself—it was either the Herodion or not at all—so we guess she can scratch that one off her bucket list. Tens of thousands of fans can also scratch off any chance of actually seeing her live, due to the limited 5.000 seats of the Herodion.

Update 1: Tickets for September 19 sold out in under an hour, so a second concert has been announced on the 22nd, that tickets are sold out as well.

Update 2: Third show added on September 21 at the Galatsi Olympic Hall.