As the ultimate Renaissance artist, inventor and polymath, Leonardo da Vinci devoted his life to the quest for understanding. Soon, visitors to Athens can follow his example by diving deep into the full range of da Vinci’s extraordinary achievements at a new four-month exhibition to open its doors on 30th November.

“Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius” will guide visitors through the life and work of the celebrated intellect who laid the foundations for robotics, aviation and civic planning. The comprehensive exhibition, to take place at the old OSY Train Depot in central Athens, is an immersive audio-visual experience developed with the assistance of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome and the Lumiere Technology Institute in Paris. It will display 75 models of da Vinci’s ground-breaking inventions, natural reproductions, interactive machines, copies of his famous codices, and more than 200 exhibits from the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome.

Contemplate how da Vinci’s inventions stack up compared to modern technology and learn the secrets behind his famous Mona Lisa, through a detailed scientific analysis that reveals how the painting first looked when it left da Vinci’s studio. A rare opportunity to gain a detailed insight into one of the greatest minds of all time.

Opening hours will be Monday to Friday (13.30 to 23.00) and Saturday (10.00 to 23.00).
Admission is €15 for adults; €12 for children.

Source: This is Athens